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Praxis Real Estate Management is our RICS regulated, asset, property, facilities and development management platform.

About Management

With offices in London and Manchester, Praxis provides strategic advisory and close-quarter management to ensure that asset management strategies are delivered, and performance targets are met.

We believe that all real estate responds to active management. As such, Praxis employs a highly skilled team of specialised real estate and finance professionals with strength and depth of expertise across all disciplines, and the capability to deliver the full spectrum of real estate functions and services in-house.

We have invested heavily in our infrastructure to create a unique, fully vertically integrated management platform that is solely focused on extracting maximum value from the real estate in our care.

Where our peers outsource most of the essential real estate functions, we have taken the lead and reinvented what a best-in-class management platform looks like. We collect our own rents, clean our own buildings, set and run our own service charge budgets, manage our own capital projects, market and lease our vacant space – all in the interests of removing conflicts and focusing the attention of our entire team of professionals toward delivering business plans on a timely basis.

This aggregation of marginal improvements across the business has consistently delivered bottom line outperformance for us and our partners, and is the reason Praxis has been ranked for over a decade the #1 investor in the UK by MSCI by reference to their “All Balanced Property Fund” index.

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