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About Us

Praxis is a fully vertically integrated UK property investment and management platform that is consistently ranked #1 UK real estate investor by MSCI.

Who Are We

Praxis is a well-established privately-owned investor and manager of UK real estate with a peerless track record of exceptional investment performance rooted in astute market timing and best-in-class asset management.

We invest in, and advise on, real estate and real estate-related assets in both a proprietary capacity and for third party clients in both public and private markets.

Our business model combines the framework and discipline of institutional investment management with a dynamic and entrepreneurial flair.

We employ a highly skilled team of real estate professionals with the capability to deliver the full spectrum of asset, property & development management functions & services through the lifecycle of an asset, from acquisition to disposition.

Our unique business model is the reason we are ranked #1 UK investor by MSCI by reference to their “All Balanced Property Fund” index over a 5 and 10 year period.

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The Praxis Group

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Proprietary & Managed


Praxis Capital is our FCA regulated investment management business, providing an unrivalled route to market for our investor partners and clients.

Asset & Property


Praxis Real Estate Management is our RICS regulated, asset, property, facilities and development management platform.